JoAnn Z Bland Art Collection-

                About the Artist: 

  JoAnn Z Bland is a Ukrainian-American abstract artist primarily utilizing acrylic on canvas in her work.  Born in the historical south-western part of the Soviet era Ukraine, JoAnn developed an early appreciation for the beauty of the lush landscapes near the Carpathian Mountains, and the diverse architecture represented by Vienna Secession, Neoclassicism, Baroque, Goth, Byzantine, and even some elements of Cubism architectural styles one would find in her hometown of  Chernivtsi.  JoAnn painted  things she'd see around her at a very early age.   During her middle school years she  entered an Art School where she learned variety of techniques, disciplines, and most of all, freedom of artistic expression.  In 1989, at the age of 14, everything changed when her family immigrated to the United States.  Life happens, and  JoAnn's artistic endeavors came to a halt for a few decades.

  JoAnn didn't return to her artistic expressionism until she's in her mid-thirties living with her own family in Michigan.   She started exploring her creativity through interior design by picking up paint and brushes in order to create meaningful custom wall decor for her own home which was affordable.  The rest was history! From that moment on,  she knew that creating art was part of her and brought her joy, solace, and satisfaction.

                                  "Time and outside distractions pause when I apply medium on canvas."

  During that period of time, her biggest inspirations were black and white photography, monotonous-bold abstracts, mix of modern and vintage objects/architecture, and the mysterious woods of Tim Burton productions.  Next thing she knew she was getting requests from friends for commission art and invitations to display at public venues.
  Today, JoAnn and her family reside in Indiana where she continues to challenge herself and explore new textures and techniques.  She is currently represented by several local galleries on the north side of Indianapolis. In 2023 she was invited to participate in the East Village Art Collection exhibit in NYC called In the Moment.   Her work has also been awarded in the top winning category with Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery during the 13th " Women in Art" exhibit 2024. 

  "I like to think of my art as a multi-layered experience which represents connection and admiration for classic and modern; simple and complex; organic and refined; vintage and new.  My focus of interest changes over time, but one thing remains constant, awareness of the world we live in and evolution through my artistic expression. "  JoAnn Z Bland

                            "Learn the rules like a pro, and you can break them like an artist."  Pablo Picasso